Property management can be daunting, especially for new investors. This is why Gold Point Realty Property Management provides the best Victor Valley property management for a very competitive price. Unlike her competitors, owner Kathie Jackson ensures a personalized approach to every property that she handles.

If you’re scouting for the best property management services in Victorville, here’s why Gold Point Realty Property Management should be on the top of your list:

All the properties are managed exclusively

Kathie does not have agents running around to pass on the management process. She handles everything to ensure that the properties will be run and maintained properly.

This personalized approach makes her one of the leading property managers in Victor Ville. Also, you can directly speak with her about your property and your concerns.

Kathie sees to it that she approaches each property with a tailor-fit solution.

Excellent tenant screening

Kathie knows her tenants well and she ensures that she screens them carefully. Through this process, you can count on consistent rent collection and zero hassle.

Also, if your property doesn’t have a tenant yet, the property management will not charge you with monthly fees. That’s a guarantee and peace of mind that you’ll only pay once your investment property is earning.

Free two months of management for new clients

Kathie offers the first two months of property management free for new clients. With this, you can gauge her management skills with zero risks. No other property management services in Victorville can offer this courtesy.

Through the two-month period, Kathie will look for tenants and manage all the paperwork needed for your property. Also, she doesn’t charge upfront fees.

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One-stop property management services in Victorville, CA

Gold Point Realty Property Management offers a full spectrum of property management services in Victor Ville. From property maintenance, tenanting, advertising, rent collection, disbursement, housing law compliance, and more, you can count on this company to handle it for you.

If you don’t need the full management package, you can still tap the help of Gold Point Realty Property Management through individual rental management options. It includes finding a tenant only, property advertising, quarterly interior inspections, and more.

Short vacancy cycles guaranteed

With Gold Point Realty Property Management, you can expect short vacancy cycles for your property. This is possible, thanks to the excellent tenant screening process of Kathie Jackson. It’s a guarantee that your investment will realize the highest possible yields.

During the vacancy period, Gold Point Realty Property Management will not charge you any monthly fees. Also, there are no markups on repairs.

Maintenance guaranteed

Gold Point Realty Property Management provides exclusive maintenance to all the properties under its care. Also, this is paired with 24-hour emergency repair services so that tenants will be satisfied with their stay.

Gold Point Realty Property Management will oversee the repairs and maintenance so you wouldn’t have to think of anything else. Kathie will also send income and expense reports regularly so you will be on top of your investment property’s earnings.

Final words

If you’re looking for the best CA, Victor Valley property management, Gold Point Realty Property Management will not disappoint. This company boasts years of experiences and countless satisfied clients.